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What’s In The Cool Room This Week
21 – 25 August

(Note: Our live stock is not updated yet. We are still in the midst of updating our inventory for the week, and it will be ready around Monday late arvo)

Pictures of some of the blooms that are in stock this week and also available to order next week are below. You can order them via our order form below (preferred) or email info@profresh.com.au or just swing by our warehouse to get these goodies.

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XXXL White

Phalaenopsis - White XXXL x 10


Phalaenopsis - White x 30

Yellow With Spots

Phalaenopsis - Yellow with Spot SOLD OUT

Yellow with Stripe

Phalaenopsis - Yellow with Stripe SOLD OUT

Phalaenopsis - Tangerine

Phalaenopsis - Tangerine SOLD OUT

Phalae - Orange

Phalaenopsis - Orange SOLD OUT

Light Pink

Phalaenopsis - Light Pink SOLD OUT

Sunpride Flamingo

Phalaenopsis - Sunpride Flamingo SOLD OUT

Phalaenopsis - Black

Phalaenopsis - Black x 6

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Camel

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Camel SOLD OUT

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Sepia

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Sepia x 3

Dyed Chocolate

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Chocolate x 5

Phalaenopsis Orchid - Dyed Mocha

Phalaenopsis Orchid - Dyed Mocha x 4

dyed black phalaes

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Black SOLD OUT

NZ Cymbidium - White Boss

Cymbidium - White (M) x 6

Cymbidium NZ White - Pure White

Cymbidium - Pure White (M) x 9

Cymbidium NZ Red Ruby Silk

Cymbidium - Red Ruby Silk (M) x 12

Cymbidium NZ Green Jay Jay

Cymbidium - Green (M x 4, S x 10)

NZ Cymbids Pure Green - Orion- June to August

Cymbidium - Pure Green (S) x 12

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NZ Cymbidium - Pink Riestje (M) x 19

NZ Cymbidium - Pink Babe

NZ Cymbidium - Pink Babe (M) x 2

NZ Cymbidium - Brown Roslyn

Cymbidium - Brown Roslyn (M) x 2

Cymbidium NZ Brown Linga

Cymbidium - Brown Libre (S) SOLD OUT

NZ Cymbidium - Bronze Tiger 2

Cymbidium - Bronze Tiger (M) x 2

NZ Cymbidium - Brown VCC

NZ Cymbidium - Brown VCC (M) x 3

Cymbidiums Mix

Cymbidium - Mix x 10

Slipper Orchid

Slipper Orchid x 16



Great news, lovelies! We are currently bringing Rosa Prima roses to Perth, adding more new, exciting varieties to our existing collection of roses.

These roses will be available for order for this week (see below, with limited availability only) and for pre order. Please click HERE to see our range.  In addition to these varieties we do have limited quantities of other varieties available in our coolrooms.



DA - Patience

David Austin - Patience SOLD OUT

DA - Juliet

David Austin - Juliet x 2

Rosaprima DA - Tess

David Austin - Tess SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Keira

David Austin - Keira x 1

David Austin - Miranda (Rosa Prima)

David Austin - Miranda SOLD OUT

White OHara Rosa Prima

White O'Hara Garden Rose x 1

Rosa Prima - Pink O Hara 07

Pink O'Hara Garden Rose SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Mamy Blue

Mammy Blue Garden Rose SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Polar Star

Polar Star SOLD OUT



Rosa Prima - Vendela 09

Vendela SOLD OUT

Early Grey

Early Grey SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - High and Arena

High and Arena x 3

Rosa Prima First Lady

First Lady x 3

Rosa Prima - Creme de La Creme 03

Creme De La Creme SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - High and Exotic

High & Exotic SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Mohana 05



Tiffany SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima WOW

Wow x 1

Rosa Prima Free Spirit

Free Spirit SOLD OUT

Fado Rosa Prima


Rosa Prima - Coffee Break

Coffee Break SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Quicksand

Quicksand SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima Esperance

Esperance SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Duett 07


Rosa Prima - Sweetness

Sweetness SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Carrousel

Carrousel x 1

Rosa Prima Riviera

Riviera SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Cherry Brandy

Cherry Brandy SOLD OUT

High & Yellow Flame

High & Yellow Flame SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Florida

Florida x 3

Rosa Prima - Senorita

Senorita x 2

Rosa Prima - Sweet Akito 13

Sweet Akito SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Sweet Unique

Sweet Unique x 2

Rosa Prima - Rosita Vendela

Rosita Vendela SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima Hot Shot

Hot Shot x 3

Rosa Prima - Freedom 11

Freedom x 3

Rosa Prima - Black Pearl 15

Black Pearl SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Purple Haze

Purple Haze x 1

Rosa Prima - Sweetberry

Sweetberry SOLD OUT

Cool Water

Cool Water SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Moody Blues

Moody Blues SOLD OUT


Romance SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Faith 20

Faith x 2

Deep Purple - Rosa Prima

Deep Purple x 1

Cherry O

Cherry O x 1

White Majolika Sprays

White Majolica Sprays SOLD OUT

Majolika Sprays

Majolika Sprays SOLD OUT

Hot Majolica Sprays

Hot Majolika Sprays SOLD OUT

Rosa Prima - Red Mikado Spray

Red Mikado Sprays x 1

Rosa Prima Mambo Spray

Mambo Sprays x 5


Tambuzi Garden Rose - Cafe Latte

Tambuzi Garden Rose - Cafe Latte SOLD OUT

Julieta Garden Spray

Julieta Garden Spray x 2

Firework Spray

Firework Spray x 6

Myra's Red-500x500

Myras Red x 5


5% for more than 5 bunches purchased
10% for more than 10 bunches purchased


King Protea - Pink x 14


Phylica x 27

leucadendron - Summer Green

Leucodendron - Summer Green x 18

Leucodendron - Gold Strike

Leucodendron - Gold Strike x 2

Leucodendron - Red Globe

Leucodendron - Red Globe x 10

Leucodendron - Jester

Leucodendron - Jester x 17

Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion - Mix x 24

Berzilla - Kol Kol

Berzilla - Kol Kol x 16

Strelizia - Bird of Paradise

Strelizia - Bird of Paradise x 25


 ON SPECIAL  – Native
5% for more than 5 bunches purchased
10% for more than 10 bunches purchased

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Iris - Black SOLD OUT

Freesias - White

Freesia - White SOLD OUT

Queen Anne's Lace

QA Lace x 4

Chocolate QA Lace

Chocolate QA Lace x 2


Hellebores - White & Pink x 3

Hellebores - Mauve

Hellebores - Purple SOLD OUT

Hellebores - Purple

Hellebores - Purple x 1

Blushing Bride - Pink

Blushing Bride x 1

Sea Holly - Dry

Sea Holly - Dry SOLD OUT

Sea Holly - Blue

Sea Holly - Blue SOLD OUT


Corokia x 4

Magnolia Flowering

Magnolia Flowering SOLD OUT

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Paulownia Foliage x 3


Ruscus x 8

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Viburnum Foliage

Viburnum Foliage x 1

Viburnum Tinus 1

Viburnum Tinus x 5

Silver Suede - Dusty Miller

Silver Suede x 1

Peppercorn Foliage

Peppercorn Foliage x 4

Andromeda White Foliage

Andromeda - White x 9

Andromeda - Pink

Andromeda - Pink x 7 (And season just ended)

Indian Hawthorn Berry Foliage 1

Indian Hawthorn Berry SOLD OUT

Ivy Berry Foliage

Ivy Berry SOLD OUT

Privet Berry Foliage

Privet Berry SOLD OUT

Trailing Ivy

Trailing Ivy x 7

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern x 4

Jasmine foliage

Jasmine Foliage x 5

Camellia Foliage

Camellia SOLD OUT


Hakea x 5

Magnolia Flowers.jpeg

Magnolia Little Gem x 38

Magnolia Foliage.jpeg

Magnolia Grandiflora x 15


We have limited quantity of blooms ON SPECIAL  from our mid/late last week’s shipment’s extras.



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