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What’s In The Cool Room This Week
20 – 24 November

(Note: Our live stock is not updated yet. We are still in the midst of updating our inventory for the week, and it will be ready around Monday 5:00 pm)

Pictures of some of the blooms that are in stock this week and also available to order next week are below. You can order them via our order form below (preferred) or email info@profresh.com.au or just swing by our warehouse to get these goodies.

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Our peonies are also available for pre order throughout its season. Available colours for next week: white, pink, coral and red. Our peonies this week are all sold out, however, we are bringing more peonies in next week! Pre order now to avoid disappointment.

White Avalanche

White Avalanche XL (AAA) x 14 bunches available

Bowl of Cream (XL)

Bowl of Cream XL (AAA) x 5 bunches available


James Pillow XL (AAA) x 9 bunches available

Cymbidium NZ White

Cymbidium - White x 1 stem available

Cymbidium NZ Red Cabernet

Cymbidium - Burgundy x 6 stems available





XXXL White

Phalaenopsis - White XXXL - 13 flowers x 17 stems, 10 flowers x 22 stems (arriving Wednesday)


Phalaenopsis - White x 17 stems

Phalaenopsis - Tangerine

Phalaenopsis - Tangerine x 8 stems

Phalaenopsis Orchid - Sunpride Flamingo

Phalaenopsis - Sunpride Flamingo / Purple x 8 stems

Phalaenopsis - black

Phalaenopsis - Black x 9 stems

Dyed Chocolate

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Chocolate SOLD OUT

Phalaenopsis - Half Dyed Chocolate

Phalaenopsis - Half Dyed Chocolate x 2 stems

Dyed Mocha

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Mocha x 15 stems, Half Dyed Mocha x 3 stems

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Apricot

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Apricot x 6 stems

dyed black phalaes

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Black x 24 stems

Phalaenopsis - Midi RanRan

Phalaenopsis - Midi Light Pink x 6 stems



These roses will be available for order for this week (see below, with limited availability only) and for pre order.  In addition to these varieties we do have limited quantities of other varieties available in our coolrooms.



Rosa Prima - Tiffany

Tiffany x 2 bunches available

Rosa Prima - Sweet Akito 13

Sweet Akito x 4 bunches available

Rosa Prima - Pink Mondial

Pink Mondial x 1 bunch available

Rosa Prima - Geraldine 11

Geraldine x 2 bunches available

Rosa Prima - Romance 23

Romance x 3 bunches available

Rosa Prima - Cherry O 10

Cherry O x 3 bunches available

Blueberry Rose

Blueberry x 2 bunches available


Roseberry x 2 bunches available


We have NEW rose varieties available from our flower and foliage market this week. Come swing by our flowers and foliage market for the goods. Pictures to come soon.

Tambuzi Garden Rose - Cafe Latte

Tambuzi - Cafe Latte x 5 bunches available

Tambuzi Garden Rose - Caramel Antike

Tambuzi - Caramel Antike x 2 bunches available

Penny Lane

Penny Lane x 12 bunches available

Nightingale 1

Nightingale x 1 bunch available

Bella Linda Cerise Garden Spray

Bella Linda Cerise Premium Spray (5 stems/bunch) x 2 bunches available


Giant Delphinium - Dew Fame x 5 Bunches available


Alstroemeria - Green x 2 Bunches available


Gyp x 6 bunches

Hypericum - Green Power

Hypericum - Green x 2 bunches

Hypericum - Red

Hypericum - Red x 1 bunch


King Protea - Pink

King Protea - Pink x availability to be confirmed

King Protea - Peach

Peach King Protea x availability to be confirmed

Leucadendron 1_1

Leucodendron - MIX Please call for availability

Berzilla Kol Kol

Berzilla - Mix -Please call for availability


Pittosporum - availability to be confirmed


Hydrangeas - Pale Pink

Hydrangea - Pale Pink x 4 bunches available

Pink Sedum

Sedum x 5 bunches available

Astilbe - White

Astilbe - White x 1 bunch available

Carnation - Goblin

Carnation - Goblin x 1 bunch available

Carnation - Hermes

Carnation - Hermes x 2 bunches available


Smokebush x 2 bunches available

Cooper Beach Foliage

Cooper Beech Foliage x 1 bunch available


Ruscus x 4 bunches available

Privet Berry.jpeg

Privet Berry x 2 bunches available


We have limited quantity of blooms ON SPECIAL  from our mid/late last week’s shipment’s extras.



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