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What’s In The Cool Room This Week
19 – 23 March

(ATTN: We are still in the midst of updating our inventory. Our new inventory will be ready tentatively around 6pm today, Monday.)

Pictures of some of the blooms that are in stock this week and also available to order next week are below. You can order them via our order form below (preferred) or email info@profresh.com.au or just swing by our warehouse to get these goodies.

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1472 Albany Highway, Cannington WA 6107.





XXXL White

Phalaenopsis - XXXL White (13 F) x 1 stem available


Phalaenopsis - White x 7 stems available

Phalaenopsis - White with Red Lips

Phalaenopsis - White with Red Lips x 12 stems available


Phalaenopsis - Yellow / Pale Green SOLD OUT. Available for pre order.

Phalaenopsis - Tangerine

Phalaenopsis - Tangerine SOLD OU. Available for pre order.

Phalae - Chiffon Pink

Phalaenopsis - Chiffon Pink x 6 stems available

Light Pink

Phalaenopsis - Light Pink x 6 stems available


Phalaenopsis - Black x 6 stems available

Sunpride Flamingo

Phalaenopsis - Sunpride Flamingo / Purple / Red Sun x 6 stems available

Dyed Chocolate

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Chocolate x 5 stems available

Phalaenopsis - Half Dyed Chocolate

Phalaenopsis - Half Dyed Chocolate SOLD OUT. Available for pre order.

Dyed Mocha

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Mocha x 1 stem available


Phalaenopsis - Dyed Apricot SOLD OUT. Available for pre order.

Phalaenopsis Dyed Black.jpeg

Phalaenopsis - Dyed Black x 4 stems available

Mini White Phalaes

Phalaenopsis - Mini White. SOLD OUT. Available for pre order.



These roses will be available for order for this week (see below, with limited availability only) and for pre order.  In addition to these varieties we do have limited quantities of other varieties available in our coolrooms.



Alexandra - Ashley 06

Deluxe Garden Rose - Ashley x 3 bunches available

Greenrose - Garden Spirit 07

Garden Spirit x 1 bunch available

Greenrose - Hearts 10

Hearts x 13 bunches available

Greenrose - Wild Spirit 08

Wild Spirit x 1 bunch available

Greenrose - Smash 03

Smash x 1 bunch available

Agrinag - La Perla

La Perla x 3 bunches available

Greenrose - Queen of Pearl

Queen of Pearl x 8 bunches available

Rosa Prima - Early Grey 06

Early Grey x 1 bunch available

Agrinag - Creme de la Creme 24

Creme de la Creme x 2 bunches available

Agrinag - Brighton 08

Brighton x 2 bunches available

Agrinag - Tiffany 07

Tiffany x 1 bunch available

Agrinag - Christa 03

Christa x 4.5 bunches available

Greenrose - Big Fun 11

Big Fun x 1 bunch available

Rosa Prima - Explorer

Explorer x 2 bunches available

Rosa Prima - Freedom 11

Freedom x 1 bunch available

Greenrose - Safi 10

Safi x 4 bunches available

Greenrose - Ocean Song 02

Ocean Song x 1 bunch available


(ATTN: These are partially updated)
We have NEW rose varieties available from our flower and foliage market this week. Come swing by our flowers and foliage market for the goods. Pictures to come soon.

Uhuru - Tsumugi

Uhuru - Wabara Tsumugi Garden Rose x 1 bunch available

Uhuru - Cafe Latte copy

Uhuru - Cafe Latte Garden Rose x 2 bunches available

Uhuru - Wabara Sola Garden Spray

Uhuru - Wabara Sola Garden Spray x 6 bunches available

Uhuru - Wabara Ioli Garden Spray

Uhuru - Wabara Ioli Garden Spray x 14 bunches available

Blanchette Spray Roses

Blanchette Garden Spray x 5 bunches available

Queen of Africa

Queen of Africa x 6 bunches available

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy x 1 bunch available

Menta 2

Menta (20 stems/bunch) x 3 bunches available

Tiara 1

Tiara x 1 bunch available

Lyrica Spray Rose

Lyrica Spray x 1 bunch available

Royal Porcelain

Royal Porcelian Spray x 13 bunches available

Marisa Spray Rose

Marisa Spray x 3 bunches available


Fireworks Spray x 1 bunch available


Arrow Follies Premium Spray x 1 bunch available

Kylie Sprays

Kylie Spray x 1 bunch available


Leucadendron 1_1

Leucodendron - MIX x 4 bunches available

Eucalyptus Tetragona Bud

Tetragona Nuts x 8 bunches available

Poly gum.jpeg

Poly Gum (temporarily not available)


Pittosporum - please call for availability


Hydrangeas - White

Hydrangea -White x 4 bunches available

13 Geoflora - Carnation GOBI

Carnation - Gobi x 4 bunches available

2a Geoflora - Carnation GRAZIA

Carnation - Grazia x 1 bunch available

16b Geoflora - Carnation BELLISIMA

Carnation - Bellissima x 3 bunch available

17a Geoflora - Carnation KAORI

Carnation - Kaori x 1 bunch available

6 bicolor Geoflora - Carnation BOHEME

Carnation - Boheme x 3 bunches available

Geoflora - Constellation Carnation

Carnation - Constellation x 2 bunches available

24a Geoflora - Carnation UVALUX

Carnation - Uvalux x 2 bunches available

22a Geoflora - Carnation VIVALDI

Carnation - Vivaldi x 1 bunch available

Scabiosa Lavender Scoop

Scabiosa - Lavender Scoop x 1 bunch available

Billy Button (L)

Billy Button x 3 bunches available


Gyp x 6 bunches, Black (red) x 5 bunches available

Nubloom - Sedum.jpeg_1

Sedum x 5 bunches available

Swan Flower

Swan Flower x 1 bunch available


Snowberry x 1 bunch available

Ivy Berry Foliage

Ivy Berry Foliage x 1 bunch available

Japanese Maple

Maple Foliage x 6 bunches available


Camelia Foliage x 3 unches available

Peppercorn Foliage

Peppercorn Foliage x 2 bunches available


We have limited quantity of blooms ON SPECIAL  from our mid/late last week’s shipment’s extras.



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